Nadine is a specialist Marketing and Communications Manager and has been honing her skills at two prestigious high schools for nearly a decade, making her an expert in this field. She is currently busy with an honours degree in Psychology but in her previous life, she obtained two law degrees and an honours degree in Publishing. She is a published writer since 1994 but has extensive work experience in various media-related industries.

She has worked in the television industry for numerous years, did marketing for a publishing house, published various articles and photographs as a freelancer, provided content for several companies and was the opinions manager for a prominent Afrikaans website, operating under the auspices of Media24. Nadine has also completed various digital and online marketing courses, as well as SEO and Google Analytics certifications.



A former academic, Yvonne lectured at the University of Pretoria and Stellenbosch University. As a senior lecturer, her fields of research and supervision included legal philosophy, gender and race theory, critical legal theory and the law and literature. She obtained an LLB degree in 2009, an LLM degree in 2011 and completed her Ph.D. in Jurisprudence/Legal Philosophy in 2016.

She is a published author and has produced a number of academic conference papers and journal articles. Serving on the editorial committees of several journals, she has edited and reviewed numerous papers, essays and articles as well as examining and supervising theses and dissertations. She is also currently pursuing a degree in BA Creative Writing through UNISA and has completed courses in editing and copywriting, digital and online marketing as well as SEO and Google Analytics certifications.