Left2Write was founded by two friends who share a love of reading, writing, wine and
Bruce Springsteen.

Living in Stellenbosch and Pretoria respectively, Left2Write has become a way of sharing their appreciation for the written word as well as the perfect platform to put a bunch of different skills to the test. Eternal students with diverse interests and professional experience, the founding friends of Left2Write are serious about the work they deliver, and not too much else.

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Web Content

Carefully crafted content can make people engage with you, buy your product or use your services. We deliver content that connects, communicates and convinces your target audience. We do website content, blog writing services, search engine optimisation (SEO) and article writing.


Academic Editing

Postgraduate study and academic research can be daunting. We offer professional and effective academic editing services that can help ensure that you deliver work of the highest quality. We provide editing, proofreading and substantive editing services for theses and dissertations. We also provide Journal paper editing services that ensure compliance with the norms of academic writing as well as adherence to formatting and referencing guidelines.

Creative Writing

Are you submitting a manuscript or planning to self-publish? We offer editing and proofreading services in order to ensure that your content is grammatically correct, that it flows and that your message is consistent. Our resident editor has been sought out to provide reader reports for a number of manuscripts and we pride ourselves in our ability to deliver illuminating commentary.


We understand that businesses and professionals do not always have the time to write and edit all written internal and external communication. We proofread, edit and write corporate documents such as company profiles, presentations, tenders, reports, newsletters, press releases, business plans and marketing materials.


A good translator not only knows how to convey the tone and overall message of the original text, but also, importantly, its essential spirit. Get in touch if you require English and Afrikaans translating services.

Social Media Management

Regardless of the industry, your customers are using social media. We can help make sure that you keep them engaged and connected through social media management strategies. These strategies can increase brand awareness and give your company a voice. Contact us to implement this powerful marketing tool.


Left2Write offers competitive rates in terms of the latest SAFREA guidelines.

"her creative input is invaluable"


Nadine from Left2Write has been my go-to person for years when it comes to checking my own blog posts, articles, and other content. I trust her with any language issues. She has a keen eye for mistakes and her creative input is invaluable.

Daréll Lourens


"fast, efficient and professional"


Working with Left2Write is always a pleasure because they are fast, efficient and professional. They will find a solution for your content needs, no matter what! They are my first choice when it comes to writing, editing and translating anything and everything for my various educational projects. It is also a big privilege to have them sponsor any work that needs to be done at the Stellenzicht Leesprojek, an Afrikaans initiative that motivates school kids to read.

Ria Engelbrecht
Project Coordinator of Stellenzicht Reading Project

"the support and service provided was beyond good - it was excellent"


Good service is always an expected measure in a professional environment. However, this is often not the case, so when outstanding service does come about it should be revered. Left2Write was introduced to me at a moment when I really needed language support urgently. Suffice it to say the support and service provided and services rendered was beyond good – it was excellent. Thank you!

Remona Voges

"delivers work efficiently and meticulously"


Dr Yvonne Jooste holds a Masters and doctoral degree in legal philosophy and is a highly experienced former academic.  I enthusiastically recommend Yvonne at Left2Write for any academic editing, proofreading and formatting needs.  With her advanced academic training, Yvonne knows exactly what is expected.  I have complete trust in her ability to deliver work efficiently and meticulously.

Dr Joel Modiri
University of Pretoria


Please contact us to discuss your editing, writing and marketing needs, or to enquire about our process and turnover times. 

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